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Single tooth dental implant in Brazil

A missing tooth, usually lost as a result of an accident, deteriorated by cavity or compromised by periodontal disease, can be easily replaced with a dental implant (which works like a tooth root). This dental implant will receive the fixation of a dental crown (which imitates the color and shape of the natural tooth) after the healing of this dental implant.

In most cases, surgery is very simple and quick, and allows, in a few months, depending on the type of implant chosen, to rehabilitate the patient with the definitive final prosthesis. This applies to both the individual dental implant and full arch implant.

Currently there are fast healing implants, Straumann Slactive implant, for which osseointegration occurs in 1 month, with ideal bone conditions. In this way, they allow the patient to regain self-esteem and quality of life in a short period of time. In addition, there are currently very modern treatments, without the use of any metal. This is possible in ceramic implants, and in Pure Zirconia crowns, Monolithic Zirconia, or Pure Cerec Porcelain crowns. Both based on CAD CAM dentistry, and very suitable options for fans of biological dentistry.

These modern dental implant options allow the patient to regain peace of mind when smiling in a short period of time. If the dental implant is for a front tooth, do not worry, as a temporary dental crown is always installed in order to fill the space in the region that received the implant. This way, the healing period will be smooth and no one will notice that you are being treated.

The loss of on tooth causes problems in the other teeth

Dental implants are certainly an effective solution to restore the aesthetics and functionality of your smile. The absence of a tooth can compromise the aesthetics of the smile, but also its functionality. The lack of teeth triggers local bone resorption, which can be avoided with the implant of a single tooth. Bone loss is variable in each person, but in advanced cases it can unbalance the dental occlusion.

In this way, neighboring and opposing teeth can move. For example, a person loses a posterior tooth in the lower arch and does not replace it with dental implants. The opposite top tooth, which until then was in contact with the bottom tooth, loses its support and tends to go down over time. Dental malocclusion facilitates the emergence of problems such as the accumulation of bacterial plaque, cavities and TMJ disorders. Therefore, the single loss of a tooth, can lead to imbalance in neighboring teeth, and needs to receive attention and action with the realization of the dental implant of a tooth.

See below this treatment performed with the loss of a front tooth. First, an individual dental implant was performed, and a provisional crown was installed on the day of surgery. Secondly, after the healing of the dental implant, we perform the dental crown, fixed prosthesis in zirconia on the implant.

cicatrizador de implante 49kb
Aspect of the dental implant of the front tooth (central incisor) with the cap healed and with the positioning of the temporary tooth.

Benefits of a single dental implant

The implant of a tooth, called a single implant, has many benefits compared to other treatment alternatives, the main ones being:

• Neighboring teeth remain intact. Treatment is carried out only on the compromised tooth

• The new crown is attached directly to the implant, which makes it possible to floss like a natural tooth

• Excellent aesthetic and functional result

• Ease of treatment, as the prosthetic components are prefabricated (approximately four sessions)

• Is not affected by cavities and infiltration

• It is possible to place a temporary crown immediately after implant placement (immediate loading)

• Implant placement prevents or stops bone resorption


Immediate single implant with intensive treatment

In many cases, we managed to replace a lost tooth very quickly through the Day Clinic service, using the implant. This agility is only possible thanks to the complete structure of the ImplArt Dental Clinic, which performs radiographic examinations inside the clinic and has computerized systems for planning (digital molding by intraoral scanners) and execution of dental crowns by 3D printers.

For those patients who already have a dental implant installed and wish to change their Prosthesis to Monolithic Zirconia, or porcelain, most of the time we are able to identify your dental implant by evaluating your panoramic radiograph, in case you do not have the information about your implant. Our clinical director, an implanthologist dentist, Dr. Roberto Markarian, allows our team to have extensive knowledge of the different types of implants, which allows us to identify them.

Note: we serve by appointment, but if you accidentally lost a tooth, or want to perform a rehabilitation treatment with implants, please contact us to check a time as close as possible to assist you. If you have any questions about immediate loading, oral implants and their prices, contact us through one of the channels below or schedule an appointment with our team. Dentistry in Brazil is really modern and Implart Dental Clinic has state-of-the-art technology and knowledge to offer patients the most modern treatments.

If you are looking for the best dentist in Brazil, or the best dentist in São Paulo, o even for the best cosmetic dentist in Brazil, it is important to mention that Implart Dental Clinic is the best dental implant clinic in Brazil, according to the Global Clinic Rating ranking.

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